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ENDLESS CARDS, you'll be able to turn any meeting or handshake into a meaningful connection by using your digital business card.

About Endless

Endless card is here to help you build a strong network of trusted partners, clients, and collaborators. We do this by providing a secure way for you to share your information with others - while keeping your data secure.

We have designed ENDLESS CARDS so that you can share your contact information with anyone in seconds, whether they're at the coffee shop or on the other side of the planet. Just tap or scan their card, and they'll be able to see all of your contact details - and more!



Tap Or Scan

Tap card on phone or open the camera and scan the QR to share your contact details with your network and Enjoy.

Network Insights

Calculate the ROI on networking, check the performance of your networking and optimize business by collecting leads.

Digital Experience

Share the social links of your business to increase digital engagement with your network and get more organic traffic.


Power up your team with ENDLESS team card

Admin Control Panel

Check Performance

Data Integration

Lead Management

Team Analytical

Real time Updates

Engage your team with your client by single Tap

Endless card is a smart card used to share your details with your network. Simply tap or scan the card and share your business links and media kit with your network for building a better connection.

Endless Smart card is NFC enabled

Share your business details with your network and strengthen your connection by building a better relationship. Using a smart card, you can share your business link, profile details and media kit.

Simple tap or Scan card

Simply tap or scan the card to share your details with your network and share your business links and media kit with them for building a better connection with them.

Our smart business cards help business owners and their team in engaging with clients in a smarter way.

Business networking need a quick solution to engage

By sharing quick social media links and contact details on the card, you can build your network faster. You can also post company videos and brochures, so that you have more leads from these activities too.

Easy to share Easy to engage

Every business owner wants to get engaged with their client quickly and efficiently. My smart business card provides you the quick and easy way to engage them in a smarter way.

Do you need more business? Get more business with my smart business card. With the help of smart digital card, you can get engaged with your clients and prospects in a smarter way. This helps your company to forecast future and make strategic decision based on their network analysis.

Powerful Tool

Smart business cards is a powerful tool to help your business in future forecasts by showing how you are engaging with prospective customers, clients and partners. Smart business cards help to get more business by showing your networking insights and analysis which help your company in future forecasts.

Smart card is a smart choice for your business

Get more business with our Endless smart digital card. It helps you manage data-driven insights and analysis for future forecasts, and have a better understanding of your network to get the most out of it.


7 million trees die every year.

It's estimated that 10 billion business cards are created annually, with 8 billion discarded within a week. This equates to 27 million cards printed each day. These account for 88% of the cards created, resulting in the loss of over 7 million trees.

People are connecting and exchanging business cards, but it's important to remember that a paper card is just a piece of paper. It's limited in information, and printing one is expensive, so you need to make as many as you need to get the job done. But then what?

What if your contact number or company name changes? You could print out new business cards, but there is no way of knowing if they will still work after the change. And what if you decide to start using your phone instead of paper? What if you have a new business card that can't be printed on paper anymore?


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  • Digital QR Code
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  • Easy Contact sharing
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  • Endless PVC card
  • Personal Lading Page
  • Easy contact sharing
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Customised Card

999 /one time
  • Customised Branding
  • Upload A card design
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  • Easy contact sharing
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  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Media Kit
  • And many More...
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Team Card

  • Card Corporate branding
  • PVC and wooden cards
  • Admin control panel
  • Performance Tracking
  • Control User's Profile
  • Monitor your team
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Integration and automation
  • And Many More...
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Frequently Asked Questions

A smart business card is a physical business card that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to store and share contact details.

Tap card on phone or open the camera and scan the QR to share your contact details with your network and Enjoy.

Almost All, all latest Android and iOS user have the NFC featues.

NO. Endless card is totally web based you dont need to install any app to use it.

Endless. Yes you can change your details whenever you want and as many time you want.

Simply login into your account and follow the steps and make sure to fill all required tabs for smooth working.


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